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Drone Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your drone is a must have to protect your investment. Drone Fishing is great fun, but your waterproof and non waterproof drone needs to be maintained the same way you would look after and clean your fishing gear and boat. Drone fishing in harsh marine environments affects drones regardless of whether they are waterproof or not. Simple drone maintenance and preventative care will keep your drone used for fishing at optimum performance and improve its overall life span.

Drone maintenance is something you should not just consider doing. It is essential if you are using your drone for fishing and we have you sorted with the best quality drone maintenance gear. Check out the Fishing Drone Maintenance Checklist below

Drone Maintenance Products

Drone Maintenance & Drone Care

After use, carefully inspect all propellers and if a propeller is damaged, even slightly – replace it immediately. Do not attempt to fly a drone with a damaged propeller as this can cause the aircrafts stability to deteriorate or become unmanageable. This will result in the potential loss of the drone and/or cause personal injury.

Whenever using your drone in a salty marine environments always wipe down your drone thoroughly. If it is a waterproof fishing drone, remove the propellers and wash down the drone with fresh water. Submerge the motors momentarily in fresh water and wipe down the drone and motors. If you have an air gun blow the motors out gently. This should be done within 2 hours of using the drone and lightly spray the motors with Corrosion X.

Preventative Drone Maintenance


All waterproof fishing drones such as Cuta Copter Trident and Swellpro Splashdrone 3+ utilize seals that waterproof battery compartments. These seals need to be protected and nourished as they will dry out and subsequently the waterproof seal will fail. Simply applying OANNES Silicone Grease to these membranes will not only improve the waterproofing efficiency, it will keep the seals supple and prevent drying out. OANNES Silicone grease has an extremely high dielectric value with high lubricity value – Never use petroleum jelly or any other products.

Maintaining Your Electronics

All drones have electronics and electronics hate water, especially salty water. High quality Fishing drones such as the Cuta Copter Trident have many of its internal electronics sealed in a dielectric resin preventing water intrusion and corrosion. Many drones do not have this same level of protection. Dielectric simply means a very poor conductor of electric current, which is essential when using products to protect electrical circuit boards and connections. Never use a product that does not have a high dielectric value. In addition, corrosion reducing sprays for drones should have a high lubricity value and must be safe to use on plastics, rubber and neoprene seals.

Corrosion X spray is a Paraffin based product that utilises Polar bonding which does far more than merely slow down the corrosion process. It kills rust and corrosion and penetrates and lubricates. Corrosion X has an extremely high dielectric high value and can be used on electrical components up to 39,000 volts! Corrosion X can be applied on wet and already corroded surfaces and can even bring back circuit boards and electronics that have been affected by water. It has a lubrication value of 0.4, which is 3 times better than motor oil. Corrosion X does not gum up over time like many other products.

Simply spray all internal electrical components of your waterproof drone for fishing including the circuit boards with Corrosion X. This will provide an insurance should water get into the drones housing. A light spray is all that is needed, do not drown it.


Lightly Spray Corrosion X on all drone motors and seals. Leave it 15 minutes to dwell and penetrate and remove any excess product. This process can be repeated on waterproof drones after washing with water. In addition, you can apply 2-3 drops of Speed X lubricant to the motors seal and bearings. Speed X thrives under heavy loads and high temperatures and polar bonds to metal surfaces and will not sling off. Speed X also penetrates sealed bearings and is 4 times more slippery than motor oil!  

Batteries and Terminals

Spray Corrosion X on the LiPo batteries terminals and into the batteries casing where the wires are – this will provide waterproofing properties to the battery.  When not in use always store the LiPo batteries in a fire-proof pouch and store them in a cool environment. If a LiPo battery swells – discard it immediately.

Remote Controller

Corrosion X can also be sprayed on the internal components and electrical boards to add protection and waterproofing insurance.

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