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SkyClip Bait Release – To The Limit

Skyclip Bait Release/ Drone Fishing Attachment

SkyClip is a high-quality, corrosion resistant bait release mechanism manufactured in Greece by UAV Electronics and has been used successfully Worldwide since 2016.

The Story Behind SKYCLIP and UAV Electronics

UAV Electronics has been designing and producing special Electronics and Autopilots for Drones and Bait Boats since 2016. Whilst designing the electronic release systems for RC Boat fishing a need arose shortly after for Quadcopter Drones. Initially an electronic device was developed for the DJI Phantom Drone which was fixed to its underside. Having tested this electronic release we found that there were many drones being lost due to the electronic release not releasing the line in time, or if there was a reel jam – the Drone essentially would fall from the sky as it was flying out the baits.

We began extensive research to develop something safer and more reliable and by chance we came across the Kite Clip release from a New Zealand website which specializes in Kite fishing accessories. The Kite Clip utilized a remarkably simple design that consisted of two ball bearings pushing against each other with a spring behind them and the tension could be adjusted with a set screw. Having purchased one from New Zealand we tested it on Quadcopters with great success and we immediately saw the benefits of using a readily available spring ball plunger tension system for drone fishing.

These mechanisms are readily available and made by factories in Europe which specialize in its manufacture, and they have been used extensively in other markets for many years. This provides a much more stable and quality manufactured tension mechanism which is extremely reliable, works flawlessly every time, will not corrode, and more importantly – we did not need to re-invent the wheel or require any special Patents.

After many designs and enormous testing – which continues today, we designed a new Tension release Clip which is integrated into our own designed gimbal mounts used for Drones to carry payloads and thus the SkyClip was born.

What makes SKYCLIP different

Unlike many of its competitors, SkyClip utilizes a calibrated and qualified stainless-steel spring ball plunger system, making it incredibly reliable and corrosion resistant – perfect for use above and in saltwater environments.

Another important difference is the max tension ‘MTS’ is adjusted and set at factory to never exceed the specific drones carrying capacity – making it incredibly safe and ‘TO THE LIMIT’.

By maintaining a drop loop of standard diameter line 0.70 mm, the tension force applied will always remain the same during releasing of the baits – This is especially important for the Safety of the Drone. Skyclip’s tension release mechanism massively reduces the chance of losing your drone due to reel bind or line snags.

Engineered Precision 

SkyClip is made from polyamide plastic and utilises State of the Art Certified SLS 3D manufacturing technology. It is not made in China and is not made from cheap ABS plastic.    

MTS ‘Maximum Threshold Safety’ is employed to ensure total safety of the drone – Ensuring ‘To The Limit’ drops time and time again.  

SkyClip features a corrosion resistant Ball Spring Plunger that is constructed from AISI 303 Stainless Steel and roHS qualified. The ball spring plungers feature a hardened stainless-Steel ball, Stainless Steel Spring, with 18 Newtons end force capability


  • All SkyClip tension release mechanisms are calibrated in factory to the drones maximum lifting capacity – So there can be no chance of over-loading your drone
  • By maintaining a drop loop of standard diameter line 0.70mm the tension force applied will always remain the same during releasing of the baits – This is particularly important for the Safety of the Drone whilst drone fishing.
  • SkyClips are lightweight, easy to attach and are extremely strong providing years of service
  • SkyClips are designed and manufactured so they do not interfere with your drones VPS – Visual Positioning Sensors) and when connected – maintain correct centre of balance.

SkyClip Bait release for DJI Phantom 3 and 4 Drones

RRP $139.00

SkyClip Bait release for DJI Mavic and Mavic II Drones

RRP $139.00

SkyClip Bait release for Swellpro SPRY+

RRP $139.00

SkyClip tension bait releases are incredibly reliable and feature corrosion resistant spring ball plunger system made from stainless steel. 

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