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Recreational Fishing – Drone Fishing- Take to the air, to land more fish!

Recreational fishing… with a drone…

What is drone fishing? Advancements in technology have had a huge effect on the way we enjoy recreational fishing today and the latest of that technology is drone fishing

Drones are helping fishermen reach optimal fishing places that they simply couldn’t before.  If you want to know your fishing landscape like the back of your hand before you even get started, then a drone could be just the answer. 

Why drone fish? Benefits of drone fishing include;

  1. The HD cameras available on your drone allow you to search for new and viable fishing spots.
  2. The HD camera can allow you to locate schools of fish in your chosen area.
  3. When using a lure the recording feature allows you to record the entire flight – and fight.
  4. Need to find that spot again? Thanks to the cameras and GPS on your drone this will never be a problem.
  5. Most of us have difficulty casting more than 50 metres… got a drone? No problems, you will be able to cast your line over 850 metres away.
  6. Windy, struggling with the conditions? Certain drones can withstand up to Beaufort Wind Force level 5 and wind gusts up to level 6.
  7. Drones are small and extremely portable, making them easy for you to bring to any location.
  8. Have you been using a kayak to get into deeper waters?  A drone is cheaper to purchase than a kayak and a lot less physically demanding.
  9. Drones that have waypoint and GPS position saving capabilities such as the Cuta Copter can be used to release burley to a particular area and “feed” that spot prior to dropping baits.

Drone fishing allows you to capture, relive and share all of your fishing adventures.

So why wait for the fish and come home empty handed when you can literally find and catch them without the limitations traditional fishing provides. Ultimate Drone Fishing stock a large range of waterproof fishing drones, DJI drones, drone fishing rods, braid and burley mesh and accessories.

Get started on your drone fishing journey and check out Ultimate Drone Fishing’s knowledge base now.

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