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SpeedX 30ML


The ultimate extreme pressure lubricant with polar bonding capability, providing the lowest co-efficient of friction measurable on metal-to-metal wear surfaces. Apply SpeedX directly to your fishing drones motor bearings and it will reduce wear and displace water massively – extending the life of a drone used for fishing’s motors when used in harsh marine environments.

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SpeedX has a lubrication factor of 0,35, some 4 times more slippery than engine oil! SpeedX thrives under heavy loads and high temperatures and it will polar bond to the metal surface and will not sling off.  SpeedX penetrates sealed bearings. Oils normally used for lubrication are displaced by moisture and pressure, so their effectiveness is diminished and even under the best circumstances, they don’t last very long. Not so with SpeedX. SpeedX releases the surface tension of moisture, displaces it and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability and is very long lasting which is perfect for waterproof fishing drones.


Product Features

  1. Lubrication value of 0,35, which is 4 times more slippery than motor oil
  2. It penetrates sealed bearings
  3. Does not attract dust
  4. Unlimited shelf life

Direction of use

Use sparingly! Drip into bearings, wipe down chains or lightly coat bolts and moving parts for rust protection. Keep away from your brake pads or anything relying on friction to work!

Safety brief / precautions

SpeedX has an extremely low Volatile Organic Content VOC of 7%, compared to around 70% in standard, kerosene-based products. SpeedX is non-flammable and has hardly any smell at all. But is extremely slippery so make sure to clean up any spills as the product has unlimited shelf life! It’s close sister product CorrosionX is classified as “food safe”, not food grade. For full safety briefing see SDS sheet.

Manufacturer:    US Corrosion Technologies, LLC

Active Components: Hydrotreated heavy paraffinic



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