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RIPPTON SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone



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Rippton have been making fishing drones for some time now, and they are certainly not beginners in the fishing drone space. The all new SharkX fishing drone is more compact and much cheaper than their larger rival but team player the Rippton Mobula drone. SharkX is the best value budget fishing drone on the market and jammed packed with up to date tech and features – it literally blows its competition in this price range out of the water!

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Compared to Rippton’s larger MOBULA drone, the SharkX is a completely new generation budget fishing drone that better suit the needs of any fishing enthusiast looking to get into drone fishing.


The Rippton SMART APP enables the drone fisherman to create a fishing journal to record every detail of their catches including waypoints, catch-rates, weather conditions and much more.

Download the APP and check it out here

The RIPPTON SharkX also weighs the payload weight so you will never over load your drone. The payload weight is displayed on your APP in real time.

Cast Missions
The Smart App can create advanced casting missions that you can toggle between in real time – check out the APP manual here

Packed with features

SharkX is a budget waterproof fishing drone that is packed with extremely high specifications and capabilities only seen in more expensive drones. SharkX has a casting range of 1000 meters, a 3kg payload capacity, is IP67 waterproof, and has a maximum wind resistance of 40Kph!

In addition, the remote-control sticks have gimbal covers, which is critical when using a remote controller in sandy conditions.

NB: This budget SharkX model does not have a camera



SharkX fishing drone is coming soon and Ultimate Drone Fishing will be putting it to the test, ensuring high quality, and confirming that it does what it is suppose to – reliably get your bait into the drop zone and get back safely. UDF is committed to ensuring all fishing drones are stringently tested.

RIPPTON SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone


  • Dimensions:    600*600mm
  • Weight:    3.0kg
  • Propeller Size:    16inch
  • Max Range:    1000m
  • Max Image Transmit Range:    1000m
  • Max Payload Capacity:    3kg
  • Max Flight Time:    20min
  • Flight Time with Max Payload:    5min
  • Max Speed:    65km/h
  • Max Wind Resistance:    40km/h
  • Hovering Precision:    ±1m
  • Protection Level:    IP67
  • Satellite Systems:    GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO
  • Flight Mode:    AUTO (APP control), Manual & RTH
  • Motor:    40.6mm*14mm 400kv
  • Operating Temperature:    -10℃~60℃

Remote Controller

  • Screen Size:    0.96inch
  • Operating Frequency:    2.4GHz
  • Range:    1000m
  • Battery:    2S 3200mAh LiPo
  • Operating Temperature:    -10℃~60℃

SharkX Smart Battery

  • Capacity:    6250mAh
  • Voltage:    25.2V
  • Battery Type:    6S Lipo
  • Charging Time:    2.5h

What’s In the Box

  • SharkX Fishing Drone *1
  • SharkX Remote Controller *1
  • Charger For SharkX *1
  • Charger For SharkX Remote Controller *1
  • User Manual *1
RIPPTON SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone

Is SharkX the best budget fishing drone for beginners?

If you are new to drone fishing, opting for an inexpensive fishing drone maybe be a wise choice, however, cheap/ budget can also mean cheap and unreliable. SharkX is a high-quality budget fishing drone with many features and specifications found on much more expensive drones used for fishing.

If SharkX is a cheap drone for fishing is it waterproof?

SharkX has an IP rating ‘Ingress Protection’ of 67, meaning the drone can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for half an hour. This level of Ip waterproffing is rarely seen in inexpensive fishing drones. The high waterproof IP rating makes SharkX the best budget fishing drone.

How does SharkX compare to the Rippton MOBULA and among other cheap fishing drones for sale in the market?

The latest addition to Rippton’s line-up, SharkX is the most competitive and the best budget fishing drone in the market. SharkX is smaller, lighter, faster, more water resistant, has a higher wind resistant and is able to carry heavier baits than our larger Mobula fishing drone.

RIPPTON SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone


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