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ReelX 30ML

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ReelX – The best thing to happen to your fishing reel since you took it out of the box! ReelX is a high-end extreme-pressure reel lubricant that virtually eliminates wear, disrupts existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion or rust from forming.

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ReelX is perfect choice for all spinning and casting reels. Starting with the revolutionary CorrosionX core technology, we added a package of extreme pressure additives specifically engineered to make your fishing reels achieve their ultimate performance. Don’t let a poorly maintained reel get in the way of the fish you worked so hard to get when out drone fishing next.

Unmatched lubrication factor of 0,35 more than 3 times as slippery as engine oil.

Extreme corrosion protection -Super-fast penetration and stops electrolysis the moment you apply it!

ReelX contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids, so it will never gum-up. ReelX displaces moisture and won’t harm monofilament.

Product Features

  1. Improves Reel Performance
  2. Stops/Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  3. Will Not Harm Plastic, PTFE or Monofilament
  4. Will have NO effect on your catch rate

Direction of use

Apply sparingly from witch hat bottle into mechanisms. You need VERY little. This is not your run of the mill lubricant! Thinly wipe down exterior of reels, tackle, guides and all SS or plated Steel. Does not harm carbon fiber, any plastics, monofilament, plexi glass, Vinyl, leather, varnish, paint, rubber or neoprene!

Safety brief / precautions

With 7 % the Paraffin based ReelX is extremely low on Volatile Organic Content VOC. Compared to products (available from DIY supermarkets and average tackle shops) sporting between 60% and 75% VOC. ReelX sister product CorrosionX is classified by NZ MPI industries as C11, same as Lanolin. It is non- flammable. It will not damage your eyes and irritates skin in only very rare cases. Still, do not swallow and keep away from children. For full safety brief please download the SDS sheet from this website.

Manufacturer:    US Corrosion Technologies, LLC

Active Components: Hydrotreated heavy paraffinic


1 review for ReelX 30ML

  1. Hairyhaggisx (verified owner)

    Spending hours at the surf with salt in the air, means that your reel is going to start to see corrosion, even with a fresh water rinse in the shower. Ive been using this for a while now, and putting some drops in the roller bearings, handle bearings, screws, and the rotor stem means my reels look and feel like new after much punishment hauling in Black Rays from 300m. Like the Corrosion X i bought, this is a very cheap investment to look after your equipment – highly recommended!

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