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Oannes Predator Drone Fishing Rod

The new Predator has been upgraded with EVA grips above the reel seat for comfort and grip, alignment marks on the rod sections and lower reel seat height.
PREDATOR is a high modulus carbon fibre three-piece drone fishing rod with an overall length of 10’6”. Its multi directional high modulus carbon fibre makes it incredibly powerful. It is loaded with heavy-duty high-end Fuji components, aluminium gimbal end and Fuji alconite guide rings and an SIC rod tip. Designed primarily for drone fishing, it is also an excellent drone shark rod and rock fishing rod and has an awesome casting ability.

Ultimate Drone Fishing - 1 Yeart Limited Warranty

OANNES drone fishing rods use the best quality and highest-grade fittings on the market and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

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OANNES - Drone MAster Series


Oannes Predator Drone Fishing Rod

Predator by name – Predator by nature

Predator can handle any drone fishing situation, providing you with the strength to get your target species in fast, and get your bait back in the drop zone quickly for another hook-up. If you unintentionally hook a monster of the deep, Predator can get the pest to shore and off your hook fast. Predator also casts like a champion and has an extremely light crisp action for those days the wind cranks up and grounds the drone.

Predator is a three-section rod constructed from quality Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber with reinforced carbon power joints. Measuring in at an overall length of 10’6”, it is rated at 50-80lbs and has an XH action with fast taper. Constructed from ultra-high modulus, multi directional carbon fiber, resulting in a light-weight crisp action.
Predator features quality Fuji K Series guide frames, providing outstanding strength, corrosion resistance, lightness and outstanding anti-line tangle properties. The quality guide frames are fitted with Fuji alconite guide rings, FUJI graphite reel seat for oversized reels, and a Fuji SIC rod tip guide ring, chosen for their excellent heat dissipation and low abrasion properties.

OANNES drone fishing rods are constructed to the highest quality and utilize high grade FUJI components and are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Predator is dressed in Royal blue and fitted with a FUJI Graphite reel seat, aluminum gimbal end with EVA cap and quality non-slip X wrapped EVA grips for comfort and feel.

FUJI Full Reel Seat FUJI Tip Top FUJI K-Series Alconite CPJ Carbon Power Joint MDX Multi Direct Carbon

Oannes Drone Fishing Rods - Predator Series

Reels perfectly matched with drag ratings of 15-20kg with adequate spool capacities include, Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000DF and 8000DHF, Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H-EXP, Shimano Stella SWC 14000 PG, PENN Slammer III 8500, 8500HS, 9500, 10,500 and PENN Spin fisher VI 9500 and 10,500. This rod can also be used for overhead reels such as Shimano Force master 6000 and 9000 Electric reels OH, Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Gigamax OH, Shimano Talica 25II and 50 OH, Shimano Talica TACS0II.

Length: 3 section – 10’6”
Material: Carbon fibre/Graphite
Type: Spinning / Overhead
Action: Extra Heavy
Taper: Fast
Cast Weight: 150 – 350gms
Line Rating: 50 – 80lbs

Fishing with a OANNES Predator Drone Rod

1 Year Limited Warranty

OANNES fishing rods are constructed with ‘Skill and Care’ and are extensively tested to ensure that each product not only meets – but exceeds your expectations.

Your OANNES fishing rod comes with a One Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship for consumer use only, excluding rental or commercial use. For all Australian consumers our warranty is not intended to limit a consumer’s rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

The warranty period is effective for all new rods from the date the product is purchased from an authorised OANNES dealer, to the original purchaser, for a period of 12 months within Australia and New Zealand.

This limited warranty does not cover any claims arising from normal wear and tear, accident, improper/misuse of the product, negligence or lack of adherence to the recommended servicing/maintenance for the product. If OANNES determines that the product has been modified or unauthorised alterations have been made to the rod, this warranty will be considered void. To the maximum extent permitted by law, this warranty does not cover claims or liability for any incidental or consequential damages arising from, or in connection to the product.

To make a claim under this warranty please visit and complete the warranty claim form and accept the warranty/service conditions. Please print the form generated and send it with the rod, along with this warranty card, receipt of purchase (At your expense) to the service address listed on the claim form. Please ensure the rod is correctly packaged within the original case and it is packaged sufficiently to reduce any damage during transit. It is advised you adequately insure the goods and retain all shipping documents.

Fishing with a OANNES Predator Drone Rod

OANNES Rod Maintenance and Safety

  • Do not exceed the recommend line rating for your rod.
  • Never ‘High Stick’ your rod – Over bending your rod when fighting or landing a fish is commonly referred to high sticking. Always maintain a maximum load angle of 45 – 60 degrees when fighting a fish and these parameters should never be exceeded.
  • If your lure or rig becomes snagged always keep the rod pointed towards the snag and walk backwards keeping tension on the line. More than likely you will lose your tackle, but you cannot break your rod with this procedure.
  • Like a diamond, carbon fibre rods are incredibly strong but can be brittle – Be careful not to drop or hit them on hard surfaces, keep away from fans and don’t close car doors on them.
  • Fishing rods are designed to evenly distribute the stress over the entire rod blank – Never place your hand high above the reel seat to assist the rod, as this will actually increase stress and cause the rod to break. Always maintain a maximum load angle of 45 – 60 degrees and never high stick it.
  • Graphite carbon rods are excellent conductors of electricity – Never use a carbon fibre fishing rod during an electrical storm or near power lines.
  • After using your fishing rod in a saltwater environment, always wash your rod well with fresh clean water as soon as you can and pay particular attention to the guide rings and reel seat. You can apply light reel grease to on the guide metal – but use it sparingly.
  • Use caution when transporting your rod and always disassemble it and place the rod in the rod case during transport.
  • Use caution when winding your line in and never pull the swivel through the guide tip as this will damage guide ring.
Fishing with a OANNES Predator Drone Rod

11 reviews for PREDATOR

  1. Jimmy Prymal

    My Oannes Predator is my new favourite rod, I have it paired it up with an 18000 Stella and it is my preferred multi purpose, big LB game rod. I have found it my go to for droning baits off ledges and beaches as well as throwing big lures off headlands. The 10ft length is perfect for me for sending big lures or baits. Can handle lures up to 350gm! The 3 piece system and the hard carry travel case make it awesome for the expedition’s I go on. My new favourite rod for sure!

  2. Damien Muratore (verified owner)

    The predator is probably one of the most versatile rods I have, It gives me the ability to lay the smack down out those stubborn rays whilst targeting a feed.
    the biggest fish to date we have landed on one was a 2.7m bronze whaler that would have been pushing 140/160kg mark. The backbone in all of my Oannes Rods
    enables tight lines when deep dropping and confidence that if a monster picks up my bait its game on.

  3. Craig (verified owner)

    If you’re reading this then stop thinking about it and just get it! Couldn’t be happier with the rod and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve had the opportunity to use the older version and the latest is even better with the extra padding for the hands which will definitely come in handy when using this rod to its full potential. It can really put some hurt on whatever you get on the line and will get it to shore in no time. The rod looks beautiful and just screams quality when in your hands. I like the size of the eyelets used which allow you to leave your coastlock snap swivels on and gently feed them through making setup just that little bit faster when you’re itching to get a line in. Tony goes out of his way to help out and is more than happy to answer all questions and run you through things. Customer service is second to none.

  4. Lindsay Hyder (verified owner)

    Received my Oannes Predator rod from Tony at UDF and was blown away when I took it out of it’s packaging, it is beautifully put together and looks incredibly high quality.

    A couple of trips fishing with it and I can honestly say it has power to burn! Battled a huge sting ray that loaded the rod to the absolute max and it just came back for more. I love the fact that it is three parts which makes transporting and carrying it to your fishing spot so easy.

    If you are looking for a high quality drone fishing rod that has serious grunt the Oannes Predator is it.

  5. Land2Air Fishing

    I had the pleasure of putting the Predator through some tough fishing conditions.
    UDF products are some of the highest quality at an affordable price.

    The Oannes Predator offers the Angler alot of control over large species and is a perfect height to reduce lower back pain and fatigue.

    You can be assured you in good hands with Tony and his team.

    The Oannes Predator review will be available on the LAnd2Air Fishing Youtube channel very soon.

    • Tony Cornell

      Thank you Tim – appreciate your support 🙂

  6. deno manzone

    bought this predator rod off Tony and he is bang on it is awsome good on the back and bring the fish in with ease you wont go wrong with 1 off these badboys thanks heaps Tony great advise all the time

  7. Mitchell

    If you are getting into drone fishing this is the rod you want! It’s very hard stop! the reel sits perfectly for fighting the big ones. Very very strong rod

  8. Jamie dunn

    Just a beast of a rod that can handle anything that takes your bait just a joy to catch big fish on saved my back from hurting for sure 5 star ⭐️ from me

  9. Mat (verified owner)

    Amazing rod and absolutely amazing service cant fault ether at all ordered sunday and had the rod monday as the owner was in the area, i paired the rod up with my shimano tld 50 and cant fault the rod at all has heaps of controll and allows me to keep the line above the breakers with ease will be getting another rod from udf in the futhre for my girlfriend

    • Tony Cornell

      Hello Mat – Many thanks and when you are ready we have Atargatis ready for your girlfriend 🙂

  10. Jason Nguyen

    One SEXY looking rod, Shines Like a Diamond in the Sky, feels the goods.
    Will update after a few hookups.
    Thank you Tony for the hand delivery of this rod and the Ultimate chat with you.

  11. Jarrod

    This rod hands down has made life so much easier, it is a more solid rod which I found made it a lot easier in rougher seas it allows me to hook my sinker into the sand and stay a lot firmer in the line instead of bouncing with the currents. Easily one of my favourite rods and will not go without it! Thanks legends

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