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4S 5400mAh 14.8V LiPo Battery


Genuine standard battery for the Cuta Copter EX-1 4S. This 5400mAh 14.8V LiPo battery will provide reliable and consistent performance when drone fishing.

LiPo Batteries cannot be shipped outside Australia.

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Genuine Cuta Copter 5400 mAh 4S battery for EX-1 4S models, dont run short on power on your next drone fishing mission and grab some spares.


Lithium Polymer (LiPobatteries are significantly more volatile than other rechargeable batteries. If a LiPo battery shows any sign of damage, swelling or deformity it is an indicator of internal damage – Immediately discard it and do not attempt to charge it. LiPo batteries do not like to be exposed to air – all LiPo explosions occur for one reason, one or all of the cells in the pack is punctured or ruptured somehow, exposing their internal cells to the air.


Always monitor charging from beginning to end – never leave the LiPo unattended
Always store the LiPo in a cool area and keep LiPo batteries in a fireproof pouch
Never crash, bend, puncture or modify the battery
Never connect positive and negative leads together or reverse charge a LiPo battery
Never over charge or over discharge the LiPo battery – Overcharging can result in destruction of the battery or fire. Over discharging can prematurely reduce the batteries life

Ultiimate Drone Fishing prides itself on its customer service and support relating to any fishing drone or drone fishing technical help. Please check our extensive KNOWLEDGE BASE and BLOG, which houses an enormous amount of information and resources to help and assist you.

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4S 5400mAh 14.8V LiPo Battery


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Ultimate Drone Fishing Australia prides itself on its customer service and support relating to any Drone Fishing product or drone fishing technical help. Please check out our Knowledge Base which houses an enormous amount of information and resources relating to Drone Safety, Drone manuals, How to videos, to help you succeed in this fantastic sport.

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