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Pre-Flight Checklist

Prior to flight

⃝           Check you are legally allowed to fly at the chosen location and ensure you conform to the relevant drone laws of your country and state

⃝           Check the weather conditions – Ensure wind speeds do not exceed the drone’s parameters

⃝           Ensure the Drones APP is up to date

⃝           Check the propellers are in good condition – are not chipped or cracked etc.

⃝           Calibrate The drones compass as per directions – Always re-calibrate the drone if you have moved locations.

Start up and Take off

⃝           Ensure successful pairing of the App to the drone

           Check the drone battery level indicator and remote controller battery levels

           Check the GPS signal and make sure that enough satellites have been located

⃝           Engage and start the drone motors

⃝           Hover the drone at no more than 10 metres for 10 seconds to ensure the drone is behaving normally and responding correctly – if not, land the drone and re- calibrate the drone’s compass

After flight checks and maintenance

⃝           Even if you did not land the quadcopter in water, salty air and spray can cause corrosive actions. Where possible, clean the drone directly after use or within 2 hours.

⃝           Remove the Quadcopter battery and place it in fire- proof pouch or container and store in a cool environment.

⃝           Carefully inspect all propellers, if a propeller is damaged (Even slightly damaged) – replace the propeller immediately. Do not attempt to fly the aircraft with a damaged propeller as this can cause the aircrafts stability to deteriorate or become unmanageable, resulting in the potential loss of the drone and/or causing personal injury.

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