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Poseidon Pro Fishing Drone – App installation & Pre-Flight checklist

This Quick Start and Pre-flight checklist does not take the place of the manual – failure to read and understand the manual or watch the instructional videos could result in injury or catastrophic failure of your drone.

CAUTION: Although this drone is waterproof it is not advisable to land it in water unless necessary to do so – salt water will increase the maintenance of the drone and will reduce the life span of the drone.

NOTE:  No drone is crash proof – the warranty does not cover any loss of a drone due to an accident or collision. The propellers are made from carbon fibre and do not flex, if the propeller has an accident or hits an object – this can damage the motor – always endeavour to disarm the motors before, or as soon as you can should an accident be unavoidable.

Warning: Do not touch the LCD screen on the Remote Controller or change any parameters.
Never adjust any of the remote controller settings – The drone is shipped in the correct mode and should the mode be changed it will need to be re calibrated – the display should read FLY MODE OFF.

APP Setup

NB: The IDFTECH App requires mobile or tablet with 5G connection

Download the App;

IOS version, search for IDFTECH in the Apple app store and click download

Android version, search for IDFTECH in the Google play store and click download

Connecting Poseidon Pro to the APP

Go to your mobile or tablets settings and select Wi-Fi – Poseidon Pro will be listed starting with V100-______ and use Password 1234567890, once connected return to the IDFTECH App and open it.

Turn the remote controller on first and then the drone – you will hear a connection tone once synced.

On successful syncing the drone camera will display the image on the APP screen.

Wait until at least 8-10 satellites have been found and then click on the Orange button to Sync the App to the drone – ‘Check Successful’ should be displayed and the height and distance position should be set and will display. If height and distance or pictures and video are not displaying, this is because you have not calibrated the App to the drone – Push the orange button.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Prior to flight

⃝           Check you are legally allowed to fly at the chosen location and ensure you conform to the relevant drone laws of your country and state

⃝           Check the weather conditions – Ensure wind speeds do not exceed the drone’s parameters

⃝           Ensure the IDFTECH APP is up to date

⃝           Connect the drone battery and ENSURE the GPS LID ARROW is facing FORWARD to the Front of the drone (Failure to do so will result in a catastrophic crash and could result in personal injury)

⃝           Check the propellers are in good condition – are not chipped or cracked etc.

⃝           Calibrate Poseidon Pro’s compass as per directions – Always re-calibrate the drone if you have moved locations.

Start up and Take off

⃝          Ensure all remote controller toggle switches are in their correct position – pushed forward

          Turn on the remote controller first

           Turn on the drone after turning on the remote controller

⃝           Ensure successful pairing of the App to the drone and push the orange button to calibrate the app to the drone.

⃝           Check the drone battery level indicator on the App and check the remote controller battery level indicator on the Remote controller LCD display

⃝           Check the GPS signal and make sure that enough satellites have been located

⃝           Engage and start the drone motors

⃝           Hover the drone at no more than 10 metres for 10 seconds to ensure the drone is behaving normally and responding correctly – if not, land the drone and re- calibrate the drone’s compass

After flight checks and maintenance

⃝           Even if you did not land the quadcopter in water, salty air and spray can cause corrosive actions. After flight remove the propellers and submerge each motor momentarily in fresh warm water. Thoroughly rinse the quadcopter off with fresh water and dry. Where possible, clean the drone directly after use or within 2 hours. Spray the motors and electrical connections with CorrosionX. Use OANNES Silicon Grease to nourish the GPS Lid membrane.

⃝           Remove the Quadcopter battery and place it in fire- proof pouch or container and store in a cool environment.

⃝           Carefully inspect all propellers, if a propeller is damaged (Even slightly damaged) – replace the propeller immediately. Do not attempt to fly the aircraft with a damaged propeller as this can cause the aircrafts stability to deteriorate or become unmanageable, resulting in the potential loss of the drone and/or causing personal injury.

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