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(Advanced Gyro and Accelerometer calibration)

Some window versions do not have the drivers to interact with NAZA and USB

Please visit this link and download the DJI Driver installer – Available for Apple and Windows

NOTE: If you are having trouble loading DJI drivers what you can do is fool the computer into believing it
is early 2015 by resetting the clock date. Just dont forget to reset it back after the files are downloaded.
The older drivers don’t have the Windows 10 permissions so it blocks them, but back in 2015 permission
wasn’t need.
(Please watch this video which will guide you through the process Driver and NAZA V2 assistant
download process)
Once the driver is loaded visit this site and download the DJI NAZA ASSISTANT SOFTWARE

Once you have downloaded the Zip file – open the file and click on the EXE file – The download wizard
will start and enable ‘Allow’ to all – save to desktop

  1. Once the NAZA Assistant icon is on your desktop – click to open and press SKIP
  2. You will need to create a DJI account with Email and password – you may also be prompted to
    download updated firmware – do not download the Firmware update.
  3. Once entered save to remember so you will not have to remember the login
  4. When the main NAZA V2 menu page is open click on Tools which will display IMU Calibration
  5. Plug the blue USB cord supplied with the Poseidon into the USB port on your computer and plug
    the other end into the jack port located inside the Poseidon battery bay
  6. Leave the Poseidon Pro in the case and on the floor – it must be perfectly level – plug the
    battery in and turn on the power to the Poseidon Pro
  7. You will hear a connection tone from your computer and the blue button located in the bottom
    corner will begin to flash – The parameter fields will now also display.
  8. Click on the Advance button and then click Advanced Cali – click Yes until the process begins
    IMPORTANT: Do not move the drone or bump it whilst the calibration process is running and
    ensure the Compass(raw) Mod value does not drop below 750 or exceed 2250 if it does this
    indicates there is high magnetic interference and you will need to move the drone to another
    location during Advanced Calibration process.
  9. Once the calibration process has completed the optimum parameters should read
    a. Gyroscope(degrees/s) Mod = 0.00 -0.02
    b. Acceleration(g) Mod = 0.99 -1.00

(NOTE: It may be necessary to run the calibration process 2-3 times for best results)Once the calibration
process is complete and the Mod values are within the ranges above, simply turn off the drone and
disconnect the jack plug

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