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Future of drones – 10 Pretty Cool Facts About Drones

Drone Pilot commanding a Fishing Drone. Image at Ultimate Drone Fishing Web.

Drone usage is growing rapidly in both the consumer and commercial spaces.  Drone technology has limitless potential and we will continue to see the various uses for drones grow.  The future of drones is exciting.

The Ambulance Drone

Students from TU Deflt created an ambulance drone, carrying lifesaving equipment and reducing response times significantly.  The emergency operator gives instructions via the drone with emergency equipment carried inside the drone. The future of drones is exciting.
Source: YouTube

Future of Drones – Human Carrying Drone

Human Carrying Drones

The Chinese drone manufacturer Ehang Inc have released the first ever human carrying drone.  The cabin fits one person and a backpack according to a company representative.  The future of drones is here.

Dutch Activists Use Drones to Deliver Pregnancy Termination Pills

Dutch activist group Women on Waves have used a drone to deliver pregnancy termination drugs to two women in Poland. The “Abortion Drone” was piloted from Frankfurt, Germany.
Source: BGR

Delivery Drones - Ultimate Drone Fishing

Drones for Military Use

Ultimate Drone Fishing Blog - Military Drone

It was in February 2002 that the CIA used an unmanned predator drone to strike in Afghanistan in the first targeted kill by a drone… the target, Osama Bin Laden. 
Source: The Nation

Amazon are considering using Drones for delivery vehicles

Amazon are looking to launch Prime Air, a delivery system designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using drones.  The objective of Prime Air is to provide millions of customers a rapid parcel delivery service that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system.
Source: Amazon Inc.

Ultimate Drone Fishing Blog

Drones are helping farmers

Vegetable on Wooden Texture Background

Agricultural drones are helping farmers by surveying crops and showing farmers the damaged ones. Drones can capture vivid aerial images to help farmers create maps for scouting their crops. The future of drones has great prospects for the expansive farming landscape of Australia.
Source: Quadcopter Cloud

Drones can deliver pizza

Dominoes in New Zealand have been trialling the use of drones in the delivery of their pizzas.  In partnership with drone delivery company Flirtey the first pizza delivery by a drone was successful in November 2016.
Source: Domino’s Pizza Enterprise

couple eating a pizza

Drones can be used for light shows

How to drone fish - with Ultimate Drone Fishing

Check out the Duran Duran performance which was bought to life by hundreds of Intel Shooting Star Drones in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11s launch mission to the moon.

Future of Drones – Drone Flying as a Sport

A drone team led by a 15-year-old pilot from England took first prize in the World Drone Prix, held in Dubai.
Source: Khaleej Times

About Drones - with Ultimate Drone Fishing

Drones are now being used for shore to ship deliveries

Drone fishing 101 with Ultimate Drone Fishing

In March 2019 Airbus Skyways announced that they had successfully completed the world’s first shore to ship drone delivery.

The future of drones is a watch this space! Continually changing and finding new ways to service us. You should check out our fishing drones for latest in drone technology.

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