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Choosing the best braid for Drone Fishing

Drone Fishing Braid

PE Confusion and what it is exactly

Drone fishing requires line that has a small diameter with high breaking strains to enable a greater quantity of line to be spooled to the reel. Lower diameter braid also reduces the drag by wind and water when fishing at distance.

PE is an acronym for Polyethylene and is a Japanese measurement/numbering system of line diameter ‘Area’, also known as ‘Gouw’ and was originally used as a measurement for silk thread. As such, this is what has caused so much confusion as it is the measurement of diameter and not the breaking strain. PE ratings vary between manufacturers due to the different technologies employed, materials used, and the number of braid strands utilized.

One manufacturer may advertise a PE rating of 5 and note a break strain of 30lbs when another manufacturer may have a break strain 40 – 50lbs.

So, forget the PE rating – Always look for the lowest diameter braid in the poundage you require.  

Use a shock leader

It is always important to use a mono or fluorocarbon leader when using braid to absorb shock and provide better abrasion resistance on rocks and reef. Anywhere from 10-30 meters is sufficient depending upon the species being targeted and the terrain.

Ideal drone fishing braid characteristics

If you are using braid for drone fishing, look for one that has a low PE with matched break strain ratings relevant to the rod used. Drone fishing requires large line capacities of ideally 500-700 metres, so the smaller the line diameter, will enable more line to be spooled to your reel.

Colour increments at intervals of 50 metres or more will assist you in counting the distance, and it also provides a good morale boost when hauling a larger fish in at distances of up to 500m.

Another important factor to consider when choosing braid is its abrasion resistance and quality. The braid should be silky smooth to limit reel bind and reduce heat on bait delivery and retrievals over large distances. OANNES SkyLine braid is made from quality UHMWPE ‘Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethene. UHMWPE has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made, and in some forms is 15 times more abrasion resistant than carbon steel. UHMWPE has extremely low moisture absorption, is self- lubricating and is highly abrasion resistant.

OANNES SkyLine 12 finesse is ultra-sensitive and has an extremely low friction coefficient rating making it outstanding for drone fishing and casting. The super low diameters of SkyLine12 finesse enable more line to be spooled to a reel, and all SkyLine braids have 5 High VIS colours at 50-meter intervals, making it easier to count the distance.

OANNES Drone Fishing Skyline 12
OANNES Drone Fishing Skyline 9

OANNES SkyLine9 braid has excellent abrasion resistance with an extremely low friction coefficient rating, low diameter and 5 High VIS colors at 50-meter intervals, making it easier to count the distance.

Both OANNES SkyLine9 and SkyLine12 finesse quality drone fishing braids can be purchased online at

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